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Welcome to Centre for Conflict Resolution Sydney

Our goal at the Centre for Conflict Resolution based in Sydney is to improve people’s lives by helping them better manage and resolve conflicts, differences and disagreements which divide them.

We do this through educating and training people, advising and coaching them, and by helping them resolve their conflict positively.

Resolving Conflict and Conflict Resolution training can be done for -

  • Individuals, work groups, executive teams & boards;

  • Employers, staff and unions (in industrial & employee relations);

  • Businesses and their suppliers & contractors  (in contract management);

  • Businesses and their customers;

  • Strategic alliance and Joint Venture partners;
  • Industry associations & organisations;

  • Family businesses & Partnerships; and

  • Neighbours, communities & Municipalities. 

For individuals, we help them restore relationships, relieve stress and live happier lives.

For work groups and teams, we help them improve relationships, improve productivity and their satisfaction with their work.

For businesses and organisations, we help restore relationships, improve stakeholder engagement (with customers, employees, unions and suppliers), and improve profitability by reducing the costs of conflict.

The Centre for Conflict Resoltion in Sydney aims to make a positive difference, and we stand by our work with a guarantee of performance.




The Centre for Conflict Resolution in Sydney
has alliances with other educators and practitioners both in Australia and Internationally. 

Through this network of knowledge, expertise and experience, the Centre for Conflict Resolution is able to offer its clients access to innovative, cross cultural and effective solutions to conflict management and dispute resolution challenges.

Dr Paul Gibson is the Executive Director of the Centre for Conflict Resolution in Sydney.

He is an internationally qualified and experienced mediator and educator, with special expertise in complex conflict management and dispute resolution.

Paul combines 40 years of management, consulting, training and dispute resolution experience, with current international knowledge and specialist training.

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If you would like to discuss our
services please call Paul Gibson
today on +61 2 9267 6401


Sydney Office:

Suite 317
St James Trust Building
185 Elizabeth Street
Sydney, 2000, NSW

Phone: +61 2 9267 6401
Fax:      +61 2 9337 3495

Email: centre@cfcr.com.au














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