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Education and Training

The Education and Training provided by the Centre is world class.  The knowledge transfer and training techniques which the Centre uses has been gathered from expert providers in Europe, UK and USA.

The Centre regularly exchanges and shares its expertise and knowhow with its alliances, partners and collaborators.

The Centre’s services are offered in two broad areas:


Knowledge & Information Sharing – conducting workshops and seminars about conflict :
  • the nature of conflict;

  • its sources and causes;

  • its complication and costs;

  • means of prevention, management and resolution;

  • the role of leadership in conflict generally.

Awareness Raising – working with individuals and groups to raise the consciousness of their actions in preventing, minimising and resolving conflict and disputes.  Demonstrating the role and importance of relationship building in conflict prevention, management and resolution generally.

Groups could include – schools, social & sporting clubs, professional and industry societies & associations, work groups, and institutions.

Often the Centre conducts its Educational work free of charge (pro-bono) as its contribution to a more peaceful community and society.




 Bespoke Training Programs – specifically designed for the particular needs of groups and organisations (including culture, industrial and/or market circumstances). 

These Programs can include:

  • developing negotiation (or advanced negotiation) skills;
  • developing conflict prevention; management and resolution skills;

  • training facilitators, mediators and/or conciliators for dispute resolution work within an organisation;

  • building conflict resolution capabilities specific to an organisation; and

  • EBA and workplace negotiations. 

Regular Training Program – according to the Centre’s published schedule of Training Programs which cover:

  • Conflict  Prevention & Management (Introductory);

  • Conflict  Prevention & Management (Advanced);

  • Commercial Negotiation;

  • Workplace Mediation;

  • Mediator Master Classes (for Commercial Mediators);

  • Mediator Master Classes (for Workplace Mediators);

  • Transformative Facilitation;

  • Multi-cultural Mediation; and

  • A range of micro-skills relevant to conflict resolution.
Please see the full range of Education and Training programs and services which the Centre can provide (schedule).
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