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Summary of Services

Specialised services are offered in two broad areas:

Managing conflict and resolving disputes through:
  • Resolution – applying a range of resolution techniques and methods to existing conflict or disputes - facilitation, mediation, early neutral evaluation, conciliation and arbitration.  The Centre for Conflic Resolution has resolution expertise in commercial, organisational, workplace, community and industry conflict and disputes;

  • Advice & Consulting – remedying systemic issues to bring about direct stakeholder engagement and alignment.  Improving communications, consultation and collaboration.  Advice and consulting is typically undertaken in industry and organisational contexts where the issues may involve conflict and disputes with management, employees, unions, suppliers or contractors.



Developing capability to better manage conflict and avoid or minimise disputes through:

  • Education and Training – for groups and organisations.  This can include developing negotiation skills, training facilitators, mediators and conciliators, and building conflict resolution capabilities.  Please see the range of Education and Training programs and services which the Centre for Conflict Resolution can provide (schedule);

  • Coaching – for individuals and teams (including Executive Management Teams and Boards) who are, or may, confront disagreements, conflict and disputes.  This can include conflict coaching, and leadership and management coaching with a particular emphasis









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Centre of Conflict Resolution Summary of Services
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